One of the best way how to write a book in 15 days.

Hey, do you want to write a book? But you don’t have any idea that how to write a book. I believe that every person in the world wants to write a book of their own and they want to express their heart in words. But due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to fulfill their desire. If your answer is ‘yes’ then don’t worry i will help you. In this article I’ll teach you that how to write a book like a professional writer.

The most important thing to do any work in the world is strong will power. So If you really want to become a writer and want to fulfill your dream then, read this article carefully. Because i will tell you five such a best topics that you can easily write about them and will tell a great way that will help you write a book. If you are beginner I’ll reach you that how to write a book for beginners. So let’s began how do you write a book.

What are the basics of writing a book ?

Now I am going to tell you in detail that what are the basics of writing a book and how to write a book for beginners. You will need the following three things.


These three steps will help you to write a book. Now we will learn about these three steps one by one and trust me, with the help of these three steps, we will write a good book.

Why do you want to write a book?

So first you have to know why exactly you want to write a book. You must make it clear to yourself. Do you want to write a book for the any reasons given below?

👉 To earn money.
👉 To make a fame.
👉 To only for your self entertainment.
👉 To social development.
👉 To social awareness.
👉 To inspire people.
👉 To tell people about yourselves.
👉 To give good education to children.
👉 To give people good health tips.
👉 To suggest job placement.

What should you write

When do you understand your “why”. Then your next step will be “what”. It means that what are you want to write. It’s a very important step because you should have a detailed knowledge about the subject that you want to write. If you do not know much about that subject but you are interested in that subject then still your work will be done. Only when you are interested in a topic then you can gather more information about that subject.

I am suggesting you 3 very easy and interesting topics from which you can start your writer’s journey.

  • Short Story
  • Information
  • Informative Story

Short Story

This is my favorite section. In this section, you can write a story by your own thinking and the biggest advantage of this is that it will also develop your imaginations power.

Now you must be thinking how to make a story. What story to make and how to think about it. You are now must fealing that if you think about the story then what is the problem in writing it? The main problem lies in thinking how to make a story. If you are interested in write a story book but you don’t have any idea to make a story. So don’t worry i will help you to think a story. It is so simple everyone can make a good story.

So i think there are 2 ways to write a story. First thing is ‘travel’ and second think is the to ‘read story’.

Write a book by traveling

Travel is best way to think story. When you travel, you see many things i.e people, life of common man, animal, road, nature, sea, river, train, bus and many incidents. When you look at all these things and think deeply about them, then you will find that there is a story hidden in all of them and if you have good luck, you will automatically get a true story. Now I am telling you an actual incident that happened to me and how I turned that incident into a story.

Once upon a time, I was going to Odisha from Bihar by train. It was January, the cold was too much. I was feeling very cold. So I pulled my blanket and covered myself, which made me sleepy. I slept deeply due to which I moved two stations ahead of my station. Restlessly i asked to a person which station is this. He said that this is Adra station. I then asked, when will the train reach Asansol and he said Asansol was left behind two stations. I immediately landed at Adra station and started walking slowly. It was almost one o’clock in the night and there was no one at the station. I was very scaring due to the deserted station and the harsh cold. I could not understand what should I do and where to go?

Suddenly I saw someone sleeping on the station bench. I went to him almost running. I was very happy to have found someone. I placed my hand on her shoulder and call him “helo”. When he removed the sholl from his face, I was surprised 😯. Because she was not a man but a very beautiful woman. She looked so pretty. Her eyes her cheeks her lips everything looked like a baby doll. But there was a sadness on his face.

So you saw how I got a story during the trip. So friend, I believe that while traveling, you will find many such incidents that you can write a story.

Write a book by read story

Let’s now talk about another way of writing a story. How to write a book by read book. You must be thinking that, I am asking you to copy paste. No you are wrong, I’m not asking you to do this.You know that no human being is a scholar by birth. Every person is born in this world and then learns from this world and the people of this world. And whatever he learns from this world mixes his thoughts in it and then creates a new thing.

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